Our Philosophy

The Berrywood Group’s philosophy is to help people learn through a Socratic process of emerging solutions that are aligned with vision, purpose and values.  This process enables organizations to create sustainable business designs that are adaptable, efficient, and future focused.

About Us

Founded in 1985 by Dr. Barbara Berry, the Berrywood Group's consultants are on the leading edge of organizational transformation. Berry and founding partner Lise Blevins-Inman are committed to building extraordinary global leaders - leaders who can prepare their company for the future with strategic foresight. Leaders who can move organizations out of reactionary thinking allows leaders to focus on future forecasting which leads to strategic decision making, calculated planning, and preparedness for any business environment.  The Berrywood Group’s client base is exceptional and the organization has twelve years of proven experience.

our EXECUTIVE leadership

Dr. barbara K. Berry, president
Lise M. Blevins-Inman, Vice President

Dawnellen Dotson, Partner

Art Boulay, Partner
Michael Jennings, Partner


Dr. Barbara K. Berry, President

Barbara is an executive and corporate coach with expertise for guiding organizations through transformation and implementing continuous innovation and improvement. She has served as personal coach to senior management as well as up and coming managers. Leadership and management forums led by Barbara have become the foundation for organizational success among her clients.

She has headed economic development research groups, established think tanks of high level executives, directed research to identify training needs in executive management, designed an executive management training institute to train current and future executives, and served as Director of the Renaissance Center for Professional Development at Drury University.

Barbara’s doctorate is in higher education, with emphasis on learning theory and human development from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Post-doctorial studies include extensive focus on the teachings of W. Edwards Deming, Systems Thinking, and Complexity Sciences.  She is also trained in the National MalcolmBaldrige Award criteria and served on a taskforce that creates pilot programs for the NMBA. She is working internationally on projects for building community leadership in developing countries.

Email: berrybk@berrywood.com


Lise M. Blevins-Inman, Vice President

Lise is a master at coaching organizations to higher efficiency. She brings to the group a wide range of experience in various industries, both domestic and international.  She has an extensive record of executive coaching, organizational development, systems thinking, quality tools and executive team development. She also has a broad background in politics, business management and business process redesign. Lise brings to The Berrywood Group experience in international cultural studies — in residence in Africa, Eastern Europe, Germany, Turkey and Great Britain. These studies allowed her to form a wider perspective by studying the business methods of other countries, including application of total quality.

Lise is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a BS in journalism. She continued graduate studies in the area of International Human Relations, Organizational Development, Systems Thinking and Corporate Coaching.  She is also certified by Southwest Missouri State University's Total Quality Quadrant training program, Missouri Southern Management Development programs, and she has ISO 9000 Certified Lead Auditor training.

Lise is a member of the American Society for Quality Control and has served as an examiner for the Oklahoma State Quality Award Foundation.

Email: blevinslm@berrywood.com


Dawnellen Dotson, Partner

Dawnellen’s expertise is in helping organizations improve core business processes with Strategy Dynamics. Her work is global in a variety of sectors, including Manufacturing, Shipping, Education and Oil and Gas. She teaches Strategy Dynamics in the Public and Private sector in the United States, Europe and South America.

Dawnellen has worked in a senior role as a negotiator, liaison and counselor. She has several years of International business experience and is fluent in Japanese and Spanish.

Email: dawnellen@berrywood.com


Art Boulay, Partner

Art is President and Chief Talent Officer of Organizational Productivity Institute, Inc. and Strategic Talent Management, Inc. His specialties include the screening and selection of top performers and business coaching. He has screened, interviewed and assessed thousands of individuals for employment in order to make sure his clients put the right people in the right seat on the right bus.

Art’s areas of specialization include small Advertising and PR Agencies, the Financial Industry and small business. He has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and management teams to focus on the few things that make a meaningful difference business: Communication and Relationship Building.  Art is certified and provides training and support on world class instruments that are highly predictive of success on the job. In particular, the Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ based on Robert Hartman’s Value Profile, the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values assessment developed by Spranger and the DISC profile developed by Marston. 

Art speaks to groups all over the company on a regular basis on subjects specific to the hiring process such as interviewing, screening, selection, employee development and retention.

Email: ABoulay@opi-inc.com



Michael JenningsMichael Jennings, Partner

Michael, an Industrial Designer, brings a wealth of strategic and developmental experience to The Berrywood Group.

In the early 1990’s, his first exposure to Systems Thinking was Peter Senge’s, “TheFifth Discipline”, it was a life altering event. The motivation to learn more came from seeing corporate change programs falter because underlying organizational issues were not addressed. Recent studies have focused on Presence, Complexity Science and leadership.

His twenty years as a Designer, Manager (domestic and international product design), Director of Design and Development,Vice President of Design and Founder of a start up company have given him a profound set of experiences to draw upon.He has participated in quantitative and qualitative market research, ideation, voice of the customer, Quality Function Deployment, business process improvement efforts (P time reduction, Quality) and Innovation Portfolio Management for both domesticand international markets.

Having managed Innovation groups in both large and small organizational settings, he has seen sub optimization and disconnects hamper the acceptance and effectiveness of innovation efforts. Without the assistance of systems techniques and perspectives, new opportunities are not recognized and change and innovation programs are placed upon old structures, and often fail. Thoughtful, systems based organizational development, offers opportunities for improvement of the entire systems performance.

Michael is passionate about helping organizations create the proper environment to foster successful innovation, and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Email: jenn109@earthlink.net