At the Berrywood Group, we partner with each client to meet their specific need. Through coaching, consultation and other collaborative methods, we design a customized strategy to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Executive Think Tanks :

Think Tanks are highly sophisticated learning groups capable of questioning assumptions and beliefs. This service allows leaders to explore proactive business ideas that expand their potential in any given business environment.  Think Tanks are a series of customized retreats.

Executive Coaching: We coach executives through the challenges of leading in a time when uncertainty is the norm. The business world is increasingly complex and ever changing.  Our customized coaching process will help you see through the intricacies of your company and guide you through tough decision making to strategically design systems that are adaptable to the changing marketplace.

Leadership Development:  Successful leadership requires constant change in today’s competitive business environment. Today, leadership is a highly collaborative relationship that draws on the intelligence of the people who make up an organization. We give leaders the tools in order to optimize their leadership skills to effectively lead and develop leaders.

Executive Team Development:  We work with your executive team to create high performing and extraordinary executive leaders.  With our help, your executive team will become highly collaborative and insightful which will launch them individually and as a group to a new level of leading in uncertain times.

Dialogue Skills : Dialogue is a communication skill that is essential for all employees and leadership positions. We offer experiential workshops that teach people the difference between dialogue and debate, and how to actively listen. Companies that utilize such skills benefit by fully utilizing their employees in a collaborative effort to discuss issues and solve problems in a workplace.

"Conversations That Make a Difference" by Barbara Berry, Ph.D.

Assessments:  Our assessments provide you with a powerful on-line tool for hiring, coaching, team building and employee development.  This unique test will help you identify the best employees for a particular position, and will provide feedback to help improve individual performance.

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Strategic Planning and Organizational Design:  We have developed a cutting-edge proprietary system to help organizations create an organic, self-adapting company that is capable of making spontaneous decisions which occur based on predetermined, but dynamic identity of shared purpose, principles, vision, values and scenario planning.   The end result is increased communications and management of knowledge — the two most costly gaps in many companies.